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Executive Coaching

Leaders are not born as leaders. They become leaders. Leadership is a question of attitude and training. Self-awareness and self-management are the first key steps to becoming a great leader. We help you to analyse your own leadership style and gain insight in on your strengths and areas for development.

We offer individual coaching which is tailor-made to your specific needs and it goes without saying that all aspects of our caching programmes remain strictly confidential. A transformation is not a quick win project but rather a sustainable process.

Therefore we divide the coaching into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Regular and intensive one-to-one coaching sessions outside company premises.
  • Phase 2: Quarterly coaching sessions combined with case by case calls.

Our role is to be your partner for your transformation. We will assist you to achieve your personal and career goals, to be more successful and to give you the necessary strength to overcome all challenges.

Teaching and Workshops



Teaching and Workshops

We manage strategic workshops with executive managers and ensure clear results. Having personally held Top Management positions, we have the expertise to lead a team of executives on an eye to eye level. Due to our strong strategy development skills, we are your perfect partner to plan, manage and moderate a strategy development workshop for the board of management. We are able to unleash constraints and boundaries, to motivate and inspire people and we ensure pragmatic solutions. Empathy is the key to guarantee an involvement of the entire team and ensures constructive discussions. Workshops managed by us are a combination of result orientation, inspiration and fun.



High Heels oder Anzug

«High Heels oder Anzug» is a leadership guidebook for German managers. It is a must read for every woman planning a career in a German company.

Anita Jinju Wimmer has been in the top management of a Germany based global company before starting her own business. She was only 37 years old when asked to take over the position of “Senior Vice President Procurement Strategy”. She reported directly to the Technology Board. She was one of the youngest in the company's Top Management team and one of only a few women.

In the book she shares her sound experiences and know-how. The reader receives practical advice for the daily business as well as recommendations on how to act in specific situations. She reveals the mechanisms of power and explains the key success factors for a career in a German company.

The book is listed in Amazon, and can be purchased in various countries. For more information on the book please visit the website of the book:

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