Philotimo Consulting: Business / Strategy Development & Strategic Procurement




We enable you to grow and sustain profit by development and transformation of your business, organisation and people.

  • Enhance your business by seizing new business opportunities and developing a successful new strategy.
  • Improve profitability and optimise your organisation by equally transforming people, organisation, processes and systems, with a clear focus on people and stakeholder management.
  • Increase revenue by managing the customer life cycle with a professional Customer Experience Management approach.
  • Grow customer base by identifying and exploiting new customer segments and markets as well as by development and introduction of out-of-the-box but hands on sales and marketing strategies.
  • Develop an innovative purchasing strategy involving your key suppliers as partners to reduce costs sustainably.
  • Leverage human resources to benefit from their know-how and passion and to unleash people’s creativity.
  • Manage complex international projects professionally to achieve the set objectives and ensure engagement.
  • Create an inspired leadership team for sustainable success.


Business and organisational transformation

Are you facing challenges after a merger? Does the fast changing environment force you to transform?

A transformation needs to be holistic and people focussed. Only if people, organisation, process and systems are managed in an equally professional manner a transformation will be successful.

Technological innovations, new markets or new regulations are not necessarily a threat, but instead your opportunity to grow and overtake competitors. Identifying, developing and introducing game changing approaches is your key success factor for growth. We analyse your business and market opportunities, guide you in the goal-making process as well as assist you in developing and implementing your new business strategy.

Structure follows strategy – therefore any organisational change needs to support the business transformation. We develop and establish lean, high performing and flexible structures as well as transform your people.

A respectful culture, space to grow and inspirational leadership are the basis for a motivated and superior performing team. Listen to your employees and you will understand their needs. Give them an environment in which to grow and you will have motivated employees. Treat your staff with respect and trust and you will have loyal people. Inspirational leadership will lead to an open and dialogue oriented management style, which is the basis for the development and successful launch of new products.


New Business Development

Are you seeking a new opportunity to grow? Do you want to improve your sales or profit?

We inspire and assist our clients to develop new products and propositions by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. With our strong analytical skills and profound experience we develop and implement innovative sales, marketing and product strategies.



Strategy Development

Does stagnation in growth require a new sales and marketing strategy? Do you need to win new markets or customer segments?

Innovative but pragmatic Go-to-Market strategies are door openers for new market segments. New pricing systems, new customer segments, new sales strategies can be profitable revenue sources if managed professionally. The key success factor is to manage the entire process from diagnostics to strategy development and implementation professionally.


Strategic Marketing & Customer-Centric Management

Are you planning to increase your revenue? Do you want to attract new customer segments?

We have the expertise to optimise both levers – sales per customer and sales by winning new customers. Customer-Centric Management provides a consistent positive customer experience according to the brand values at every touch point. As a result customer loyalty improves and up- and cross-selling potentials can be realised - and this for the entire customer life cycle. Satisfaction derives from a combination of expectations and experience - therefore, the service offered needs to be in line with the brand values and the promises. Only satisfied customers are loyal.

Loyal customers:

  • are open for cross- and up-selling,
  • don't churn easily,
  • are the best ambassadors, they recommend the company, its products and services to others and
  • are willing to pay a premium.

An out-of-the-box marketing and sales strategy based on market analysis enables a company to not only win new customers but to exploit new customer segments and markets. A growth strategy needs to be innovative and hands-on. Most importantly, concrete measures need to be developed to implement the strategy. We develop customised and creative strategies with our customers and assist them to develop and conduct the necessary measures.



Strategic Procurement

Strategic Procurement

Does your company require a sustainable cost reduction? Are you looking for innovative solutions? Do your subsidiaries purchase totally independently?

Your key suppliers are your most important partners for sustainable cost reduction, as well as key to produce innovative and state-of-the-art products. Engineering your demand jointly with your key suppliers will allow your supplier to produce at lower costs. This will reduce your cash-out.

Thinking in solutions rather than products will significantly increase the number and variety of new potential suppliers. Airplanes are no longer assembled only with screws, but also with high tech glue. This allows the aircraft industry to be more independent of screw suppliers as well as of commodity prices.

Bundling your purchasing power smartly is another sustainable source of cost reduction beyond standard discounts.

Are you looking for a way to reduce your cash-out without jeopardising quality? We are able to develop your tailor-made purchasing strategy to match your requirements.

Strategic Procurement