Philotimo: To ensure sustainable profit, we combine facts and data with empathy and inspiration.



What we do

PHILOTIMO - Our vision is reflected in our name. PHILOTIMO stands for a holistic, sustainable and respectful way of doing business. We create growth, enhance profitability and enable our customers to achieve their targets by transforming their business, organisation and people. People are the key factor to business success, so the path to transformation is always taken in partnership with our customers and their teams. We listen to our customers´ needs and analyse the internal and external environment before we develop a customised solution. Any joint project has a clear impact on the customers´ target achievements since we derive the strategies and concepts from our customers´ business requirements.

We help you to:

  • Enhance revenue – Together with our customer we define out-of-the-box yet pragmatic sales, marketing and new business development strategies.
  • Increase profitability – Customised holistic transformation concepts are jointly developed and introduced.
  • Reduce costs – Innovative procurement strategies and methods are the key to sustainable cost reductions.
  • Start-up companies – We conduct market research, develop game-changing propositions and products, develop and carry out Go-to-Market strategies, set up the company and manage successful growth.
  • Manage urgent challenges – We have the flexibility to fill vacancies, manage the required tasks professionally and lead complex projects successfully.

The key to success is an early involvement of the key stakeholders. It secures commitment and ownership of the programme, strategy and tasks.

We enable our customers to achieve their goals!

Philotimo is a code of conduct, for more details please read the description on Wikipedia.



Anita Jinju Wimmer

Anita Jinju Wimmer

Anita Jinju Wimmer is the founder and Executive Director of Philotimo. She has over twenty years of professional experience in various functions including Business Transformation, New Business Development, Strategy, Strategic Marketing & Customer-Centric Management and Procurement.

Anita Wimmer´s personality in a nutshell:

  • She is an inspiring leader with over eight years of leadership experience, five years thereof in the Top Management of a multinational company and Interim Managing Director of a Nigerian company.
  • Anita´s passion is to develop and grow companies as a consultant or interim manager.
  • Being a flexible professional she has the ability to adapt easily into a new environment.
  • Due to her strong analytical skills and the capability to develop and implement out-of-the box but pragmatic strategies and concepts, she has a proven record of successfully developing companies and businesses.
  • Anita has lived and worked in various countries and is therefore a truly global person.
  • Being a passionate project and team leader she has the capability to realise complex, cross-functional and international projects successfully.

Anita Wimmer works as a Consultant and Interim Manager for various businesses world wide. Her flexibility combined with the passion for transformation is a major reason for her professional success.

Anita Jinju Wimmer