«To ensure sustainable profit, we combine facts and data with empathy and inspiration.»

Anita Wimmer, Founder and Executive Director of Philotimo.

Philotimo is a specialist for global Consulting, Interim and Project Management and Executive Coaching. Having been in the Top Management of various companies worldwide, we have the capability to manage critical assignments – professionally and successfully. Our focus areas are business transformation and new business development.

Philotimo enables you to grow your business through:



Only a holistic transformation of people, organisation, processes and IT systems will enable an organisation to grow sustainably and to achieve business targets. Structure follows strategy – therefore any organisational change needs to support the business transformation goals. We develop and establish lean, high performance and flexible structures as well as transform your people.

Business Transformation


Developing and implementing a creative but pragmatic new business development strategy is a prerequisite for a quantum leap. We inspire and assist our clients to develop new products and propositions by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. With our strong analytical skills and profound experience we are able to create and implement innovative sales, marketing and product strategies.

New Business Development


Customer-Centric Management provides a consistent positive customer experience according to the brand values at every touch point. If marketing, sales and services are managed customer-centric consistently , customer loyalty will increase. Loyal customers churn less often and spend a higher share of wallet with the company - and this for the entire customer life cycle.

Strategic Marketing


Introducing innovative procurement methods, e.g. re-engineering of requisitions and Total Cost of Ownership will enable you to reduce costs sustainably. Your key suppliers are your most important partners for sustainable cost reduction. Engineering your demand jointly with your key suppliers will allow your supplier to produce at lower cost. Furthermore they are an important key to build innovative and state-of-the-art products.

Strategic Procurement

We enable you to professionally manage your business and projects:


You need to fill a vacancy urgently and require a professional who is flexible and can easily adapt to a new environment? We help you to run your business smoothly by filling your vacancy as an Interim Manager: We manage all tasks from an inside perspective. Our experience as top managers in Strategy, Transformation, New Business Development, Marketing and Procurement will ensure that your business will grow and be enhanced.

Interim Management


Managing complex, cross-functional and international projects is a full time job and needs profound experience. We lead and manage challenging projects for you, world wide and professionally. We ensure that the timeline is met and the set targets will be achieved by focussing on stakeholder and people management.

Project Management

We enable you to develop your management team:


Leadership is a question of attitude and training. Self-awareness and self-management are the first key steps to becoming a great leader. We help you to analyse your own leadership style and gain insight in on your strengths and areas for development. We offer individual coaching which is tailored to your specific needs.

Executive Coaching


We manage strategic workshops with executives and ensure clear results. Having personally held Top Management positions, we have the expertise to lead a team of executives on an eye to eye level. Due to our strong strategy development skills, we are your perfect partner to plan, manage and moderate a strategy development workshop for the board of management. We ensure pragmatic solutions.